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“Happy 2018”

Thank you for stopping by.  2018 is going to be an exciting year here at Ed’s Shed. This is going to be the year for new technology and innovations. If you have not heard there is a big buzz over Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies. These are here and here to stay so why not keep informed about them all. And here at Ed’s Shed, that’s what we intend to help you do. We already have several new categories outlining them GO HERE to read more about them.

We have a Smart Miner program which allows you to start mining your own Bitcoin for FREE. This is a good way to get your feet wet with the cryptocurrency craze. Also, we have Crypto Wallets, because as your digital currencies grow you will need a place to store, trade, sell, or buy them. plus we have the first ever Decentralized Travel Ecosystem Solution built on a Blockchain Technology. And as we find the best ones you can be sure we will add them here. So make sure you check back often you won’t want to be the last to know. Or you can register with us and get update emails as we add these great new items.

Why?  Because that is what we do.  We find them, we add them, and we share them all here.  This site is your “inside” source for new things that can make a difference in your life.  In both needs, wants and entertainment (something we all want more of all the time).  There are several things on this site that can enhance and make your life better.  Be sure to check back often, and be sure to browse through our various Categories of information.  This is something that is growing all the time, and it is all here for you, our valued friends and viewers.

New Stuff – and New Innovations:

From amazing information and access to ways to make life better, and several times – doing it where you save money and have access to things that only help you live better, live richer, and live healthier lives.

We have been trying to cover several different areas of interest and will be adding some very unique ones in the days to come.  New Stuff happens all the time… So keep posted.  Some of them have time limits to their availability so be sure to register so you’ll get the Email notifications when this is happening.

GO HERE, and Register On the Right.  (This will also take you to an offer that can benefit someone you know if not you!  Great Gift!)  And while not everything considered New Stuff is worth of making it to our site here, we do look at anything sent to our email from our visitors, and friends that we have been adding to our online community here.

Favorite Finds:

Tnew stuffhis is perhaps my best find that I can offer to all of you. It is Direct Cellars wine of the month club. With Direct Cellars they have a sommelier that hand picks Exquisite Red and White wines from all around the world some are exclusive to Direct Cellars. Then Direct Cellars ships them right to your door. Along with the Wine is Flavor cards that have the who, where, and why on the grapes and vineyard where the wine comes from.

Also, it contains pairing information on the best foods that particular wine goes best with. So not only do you get amazing tasting wine (ones you won’t find in any store near you) you get an education on the wines. You can have all Reds all Whites or perhaps both shipped to you.

GO HERE and find out information on how to join the club and start getting amazing wines shipped to you (available in the US and UK right now). Or learn how to be part of the vision and share this with others and get paid for it with great compensations plans. So have already are earning Career replacing income with Direct Cellars. Drink great wine, have a great time, and make great money how can you not join?


One of our favorite finds is FREE BITCOIN You can see that in the Computers & Internet Section.  This is an exciting never before seen program online. A find that has huge potential for you to make a handsome payday with. You don’t have to be a computer genius to get this working. 100% safe and 100% FREE yes FREE.  This is where you can (in less than 5 minutes) be registered, and get free bitcoin.

It is literally like giving you several dollars to just get going. You will be able to let your Computer run an Amazing and TOTALLY SECURE application  (without interfering with your needs on your Computer)on your PC, where you will literally be mining (thus earning) bitcoin. You should wait on it and let it build up… because… this could literally give you cash for paying off debts, buying homes, cars, or letting you become in charge of your life.  WANT even more – we have it… be sure to REGISTER to our E-Zine Newsletter.  GO HERE and subscribe on the Right-Hand side of the screen.


firefanOne of my favorite finds, and that has me excited to bring to you is FireFan. FireFan is the next generation of interactive Mobile Sports Game Apps. You play FireFan with your Mobile/Smartphone while you watch your favorite sports (NFL, NCAA, MLB, and NBA) teams play.

FireFan generates smart predictable questions for you to answer pre-game or during the live game. You Rank up by correctly answering the questions. Earn tickets for each game you join and by ranking up, and use your tickets for REAL rewards.The better your calls, the more accurate your predictions, the faster you’ll move up in the standings. The more you play, the more rewards you will earn! And even more remarkable…you get a chance to compete against your favorite sports heroes, celebs, your college buds, friends, and family, or die-hard fanatics just like you. You can play for free, or join our League Go here for more details on the amazing new App.


We are always going to be adding more:

We are adding all sorts of Offers and New Online Finds from A to Z.  There is always something beneficial for anyone and everyone.  These are products and services we use and try ourselves.  When they work, and the savings are there, we just add them to our lists of other great services.  All of these are located in their proper category (see to the left).

So we hope you have just as much fun seeing what is in store for you here, as we did finding them in the first place!  New Stuff, and well cool stuff too.

Thank you for stopping by.  Keep coming back for more.  We are here to make your life better.  Please feel free to email us at any time.  Once you Register with us, you’ll be getting our email details and we’ll keep you up to date with new stuff and cool things found and available online all the time.


Sociable: Become your Own Social Media Agency

Within the realm of the Internet, Careers are created.   New Needs are Created, and with these New Needs comes New Demands.  As we find ways to fill these demands, Careers and more importantly Profits are created.This is why you really need to check out SOCIABLE Become your own social Media Agency by Rory Ricord



 CLICK HERE FOR AN OVERVIEW OF SOCIABLE BY RORY RICORD.  Hear “What it is, and why it could be a Business Direction for you”. It may be the best Career you haven’t thought of – or have you?



 CLICK HERE FOR AN ADDITIONAL OVERVIEW (Answers to Questions we get all the time).  Answers to many questions we are getting about how this works, and what a Re Seller does.  Simple overview.  If you are diligent and can follow instructions… being a Re Seller allows you some amazing income potential.  $400 to $1600 a month per client.  We teach you how to get them… let’s get you 10 ASAP so you can replace your income.  Now let’s get you 100 so you can have an amazing lifestyle…  let’s show you how to get several hundred so you can…. (Do anything you want)…


One Such Demand is in the need for fulfilling Social Media Marketing.

sociable becomesociable becomesociable becomesociable becomesociable become



All business need to advertise, and all businesses in today’s High Speed World need presence on all major Social Media platforms. So lets get you going and get you making money quick.

with SOCIABLE Become your own Social Media Agency by Rory Ricord

Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Resistance is futile. Avoiding the social networking giant is a liability your business can’t afford. Let the team at CNSociable help you harness the power of social media marketing to transform your business. Listen to your customers and prospects. Deliver value, excitement, and knowledge. Hence most importantly, learn how to truly engage your customers and help them spread the word.

  • Your Own Personal Social Media Manager. Hence you will not be working alone.
  • Full Account Setup. Therefore you will be all set to make money
  • Content Postings & Engagement
  • Article & Graphic Creation
  • Engagement Reporting
  • Monitoring & Optimization

Social media is any website that allows social interactions between people. Therefore it is a rapidly growing all over the world -why not cash in on it. More people such as teenagers and adults are joining social media sites such as- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, My Space, and others.The introduction of social media has changed the world in a lot of ways. As a result, It has affected each individual in many different ways. Today it may be used as a very helpful tool maybe changing a person’s life. The positives in communication all around have made the world a better and stronger place to live in. As a result that makes social media a great place to advertise on.

Some advantages of social media are they have a vast number of people you can reach-Facebook has around 2 billion users making it a great place to advertise on. Therefore you can create a buzz around new products before they come out. This could create a big payout when they do launch. Social Media allows targeting wider audiences, people whom you may never have reached before. Hence this makes social media a great place to advertise on.