Cryptocurrency Information and Support

Tcryptocurrencyhere is a new form of Monetary payment that’s about to take the World by storm. This new form of online payment method is called Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was the first and from that stemmed thousands of different types of Cryptocurrencies. So let’s cover some key points and some support tools that will give you a better understanding. Of both how and what they are. And what these mean to you.

Here are the basics of what Bitcoin represents:

Bitcoin is the first form of a decentralized money. You might have heard them referred to as Cryptocurrency. Not to get them confused with the now thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market today. Because up to 20 new ones come out every day.

  •  Bitcoin is a type of virtual currency. Each unit of the virtual currency is nothing more than an entry on a digital ledger.
  • Is immutable against manipulation by central entities, authorities, and governments.It is consensus verified instead having one person or entity in control of it. This eliminates the unequal authority.

So Bitcoin can operate as its own economy. Without having to use intermediaries or third party service providers. You won’t have to depend on a bank when dealing with Bitcoins. This is because of its setup. A decentralized structure with a peer-to-peer protocol. So image the number of other “Assets” that can deploy this new technology. To even better our lives.

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Because of the fast pace of the blockchain technologies. With the reward comes the risk of course. So in order to protect you as the consumer new regulations or taken place globally.   OMINEX is the leader in making this happen.  They are the ones to watch.

Cryptocurrency – How to Protect and Operate within Compliance and Legality Globally:

cryptocurrencyOMINEX is the leaders as it comes to this. Because they are backed by the engineering and solutions of regulatory guidelines. The guidelines of the IPO and Crowd Funding Space. In 2017 they took their knowledge and understandings of regulations to the blockchain and ICO space.  Their role in the new future is offering Compliant Token Solutions.

OMINEX Had to put together the “Open Compliance Project” to support international regulations. They had to in order to handle this huge task. This allows for an ongoing platform and support community to keep up with this infinite space of growth. With all the new types of cryptocurrency coming out daily. The only way to make sure the users and investors are protected. Is this needs to be regulated and in compliance.  The number of new ICO (coin offerings) is surpassing 20 new Token Solutions offered each and every day.  They need to be regulated to protect the consumers. This is where OMINEX comes in.

Some of the solutions offered by OMINEX include:

  • Solutions for vetting out and verifying the legitimacy of the new coins offered to the World.
  • Allowing the Users (via the OMINEX WALLET) to participate in new vetted ICO’s easily.
  • Easy access to view the top Coins and to be able to buy/sell/acquire easily within a single Wallet.
  • Paving the way for the Future – this will be the #1 User Wallet and Solution for accessing and working with Cryptocurrencies.

The things that OMINEX is doing is becoming larger and larger in scale. And they are rolling out new benefits and features to handle the demand. A demand that these Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain deployment is and will create.