Premature E… 25 Natural Ways to Cure It

 OK men its time to get serious and talk about something that affects 20 to 30 percent of all men. You might be thinking WOW that’s a pretty high percentage I wonder what it is. Well, its premature E or ( ejaculation). So if you suffer from this you can see that you’re not alone. So there is no need to be shy or embarrassed by it. You will see here that there may be help for you, even if you had tried other cures that didn’t work.

So what is Premature E?

prematureA person is suffering from premature ejaculation when he ejaculates with minimal sexual stimulation before,  or shortly after penetration. In other words, an ejaculation before satisfying a female partner is a premature ejaculation.”

What Causes premature E you may be asking.

  • The biggest cause of premature E is MASTURBATION. You see your main goal when masturbating is a quick orgasm. It’s these constant quick orgasm’s that have conditioned your sexual response to that of a premature ejaculator.
  • After effects of excessive masturbation.
  • Becoming overwhelmed by sexual feelings.
  • Hypersensitivity of the prostate gland.
  • Hypersensitive glans ( penis head ).
  • Sexual artlessness
  • Vaginal tightness
  • Hypersensitivity.
  • Alcoholism
  • Anxiety

So now seeing the causes you can tell that there is nothing that that cant be worked on. 

Premature ejaculation affects both partners equally badly. However, it brings everything of the male partner to stake. The first step of premature ejaculator is to seek temporary relief. Thus he ends of worsening his problem. Here is how it affects male partner.

  • prematureResorts to temporary relief
  • Aggravates his problems
  • Remains anxious
  • Hurries from bad to worse
  • Loses his self-esteem
  • Avoids Sexual contacts
  • Becomes temporarily impotent
  • Losses harmony with his lady


Women are emotional creatures. They equate good sex with love. So, if her partner consistently ejaculates prematurely, it affects her emotions, mood, and health badly. Here is how she gets affected by her partner’s early ejaculation


  • Feels ditched
  • Remains depressed
  • Becomes quarrelsome
  • Makes issues of small things
  • Avoids sex
  • destroys harmony with her man
  • Becomes non-serious about her relationship


So, guys, you see this isn’t just YOUR problem it affects both parties in a relationship. So don’t just think of it as YOUR problem, and you owe to yourself and your lady to at least see if this will be your salvation for ( both of yours ) problem.

Why should you avoid available ejaculation delay products and methods?

Well, the market and internet are full of ejaculating delaying drugs, potions, and techniques. without exception, these products are not only costly, temporary, and hazardous for your health in general. Also sexual prowess in particular.

Ejaculation Control Pills and Capsules.

Ejaculations control pills and capsules are a “one-night” relief for premature ejaculations but do not cure the problem. The worst part is that these premature E pills and capsules are dangerous to your health. They have “brain-numbing” ingredients. The outcome of them is that you don’t enjoy ” TRUE ” pleasure of making love. This is because a major part of your brain remains sleepy. These drugs have the same ingredients as tranquilizers. We all know what tranquilizers can do.

So ultimately, you become addicted to these pills. You will not feel confident without taking them. At that point, you will feel that half your memory is gone and your erection is weak. This is a red signal for you; you must stop taking those pills at this point. before your sexual system will become a total wreck.

Desensitizing oils and creams.

These are not different from ejaculation control pills as far as their side effects are concerned. These creams and sprays desensitize the penis and thus help you last a little longer than you normally would. But, again, you will be able to enjoy sublime pleasure of sex. How can you really enjoy it when you are desensitized? I mean really what is the point then of making love. The after effects of these are the same as of the pills. frequent use of them can bring about total impotence.

 Useless methods & Techniques.

Again there are lots of useless methods popular on the internet and suggested by so-called “sexperts”. But these methods don’t really have any results either. Rather these are weak and distasteful. They recommend masturbation before sex and mind distractions. But as we all know those don’t work.


Like I have said you owe it to both of you.