DIY Tiny House Building Going Small

Many Millenials have decided living tiny is the way to go. Getting rid of all the clutter of having way too many possessions and embracing tiny houses. They are going from the way to high prices of tradition homes. And are building houses under 400 square feet (most on a trailer) for a fraction of the price. So you will see here how you can get the plans for your own DIY Tiny House.

There are a few benefits to going small and building your own DIY tiny house. First one and probably the biggest reason is Financial Freedom. For a 3 bedroom house would cost between $140,000 to $420,000 yeah wow. Whereas a 400 sq ft tiny house should not cost you any more than $60,000. That is around the same price as some cars on the market today.

Then if you were smart and built it on a trailer then you have to freedom to go just about anywhere you want to live. And if you have a job that takes you around the US a lot. Well, you don’t have to pack up some comfort items from home. You can just take the whole home with you. Maybe your retired and just want to move around and visit some of the beautiful places we have in the US.

Build Your Own DIY Tiny House Using Our Tiny House Plans! (Lucy)

DIY tiny house

What Are You Getting When You Buy Lucy’s Tiny House Plans?

If you purchase these tiny house framing plans we’ll show you both 2D and 3D pictures for the framing of the entire tiny trailer house. That includes the subfloor, bottom floor, top floor, loft, and roof. Also included is the Google Sketchup file for these plans so that you can play around and make any modifications you might want to make. The plans are provided in both metric and imperial units.

Lucy’s Basic Measurements

These tiny trailer house plans are based on the trailer we used for lucy. The trailer measures 7.2m by 2.4m (23’7.5″ by 7’10.5″) giving a floor area of 17.3m2 (186 sqft) and are rated to carry 3.5 tonnes. The total height of the timber framing is 3743mm (12’3″). It was designed for the additional height of the trailer and roof cladding to be below 4.25m (13’11”) the legal limit in New Zealand. As far as we are aware, this would make it legal in most other countries.

Customize The Internal Space To Suit Your Life

Because these framing plans give you the structure of this tiny house… What you do once the framing is done is up to you. How would you customize the space in your tiny house? This is what we have done and you could do the same…

Seat 8 People in The Spacious Lounge

We’ve comfortably had 8 adults seated in our tiny house. The corner couch is built to seat 6, the armchair seats one more and the bottom step of the storage stairs doubles as an extra seat for the 8th person. Friends always comment on how cozy and comfortable the space is – because visitors often say they don’t want to leave!

DIY tiny house

Cook up a storm in the functional (but beautiful!) Kitchen

One thing that always amazes us about our tiny house is how easy it is to use our kitchen. Prior to living in here, we rented a studio that was 4 times the size of Lucy. Despite being bigger, the kitchen was awful to use! It felt seriously tiny. Lucy is a far smaller building but her kitchen is well designed and feels large. We often cook meals together and it’s just awesome 🙂

diy tiny house

diy tiny house


Keep Your Tiny House Tidy Thanks To Ample Storage Space

Shaye was convinced she would accidentally kill herself if we accessed the loft via a ladder… so for her, it was a total No-No. We decided to use storage stairs instead and think it’s one of the most awesome features of our house.

diy tiny house

As you can see customizing the inside is a job all for you. Make the DIY tiny house work for your needs. Inside you also have the choice of getting the plans for the Doris Jean. A DIY Tiny House plans suitable for a family of 4. So tiny living is not just for couples with no kids.

GO HERE to the website and this is where you can access the plans. You will also be able to read a little about the couple who are sharing these plans with you, Tom and Shaye. They also show you on the website some of the other houses they built themselves even one made of Straw Bales yes Straw Bales.

Enter Here For The Plans and More!