Drones By Force Flyers

When I was a kid which was a little longer ago then I would like to admit. The hottest thing out that all of us kids wanted was the remote control cars. And when I finally got one I was so excited that I had to go right out and play with it. An hour later with parts falling off of it. That was the end of my remote control anything. Nowadays its all about drones. And Force Flyers have a complete assortment that has drones for any and everybody.

Force Flyers Drones: The New Movement in R/C

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, Force Flyers has the perfect drone to match your experience level. Drones for you to just play around with to drones with camera’s to get a birdseye view of the things you want to. And prices that will also match your budget.

Fdronesor the kids, they have a Building Block drone/car combo pack. Design your own flying or driving machine. Super fun to see the ways the little ones configure and fly their own creations. This one is great for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) development. While teaching them aerodynamics, weight distribution, and many other concepts. They are easy to build and fly or drive.

  Compatible with all major building blocks for maximum versatility.  The digital proportional control allows for incredibly precise flight through tight spaces that will challenge even the most experienced pilot.  6 axis gyro for Maximum Flying Fun with auto-flight stabilization.

Features include:

  • 2.4G for long range control.
  • Crash-resistant ABS plastic so it’s not just 1 crash and its over.
  • Convenient USB recharging.
  • Flight time of 10-12 minutes (recharge time of around 60 minutes)
  • Range of 50-75 meters.

A truly unique flying experience enjoyed by both youths and adults alike. Comes with a USB charging cable, drone controller, and spare parts.

Perhaps you’re a little more experienced with drones and looking for something a little more advanced. Force Flyers has a full line of what they call their “Featured Collection”. One such featured drone is the.

Pioneer Drone With GPS For Auto Map Positioning, 5.8GHz Video, Altitude Hold, 1 Touch Return


dronesForce Flyers long range Pioneer Drone with GPS takes flying to another level.  This GPS drone will allow you to fly farther, higher and longer than anything comparable in the market today.  It features a 2 axis gimble with a hi-res video camera with live feed along with recording video and taking pictures.

It is equipped with:

  • Either a 2.4 or 5.8 GHz transmitter, so you can get FPV view at the full drone distance. The 5.8 GHz version includes a 7″ LCD screen for live viewing.
  • A remotely controlled camera so you can move it in any direction for full viewing.
  • One touch takeoff and landing
  • Auto return, with a low battery auto return.
  • Auto-hover
  • GPS spot locate hover
  • GPS mapping multiple flight points.
  • 500-meter range.

A truly professional level drone at an incredible price.  USB charging cable, drone, controller, and spare parts included.  For outdoor use only. A flight time of 15-18 minutes. A range of 500 – 1000 meters. Recharge time of about 120 minutes.  Extra batteries are available with easy change out for unlimited flight time.

Maybe your not ready for or into drones. That’s OK Force Flyers has some indoor/ outdoor helicopters that you might like. One such helicopter is the.

Motion Control Hawk Indoor Outdoor Helicopter

Fdroneorce Flyers motion controlled 20″ Hawk helicopter is a great way to introduce someone to the RC world.  The Hawk utilizes Glove Force Technology for precision control that mirrors the movement of your hand.  This intuitive control system is incredibly fun to fly and much easier to master than any conventional controller.

All direction control including side to side strafing.  USB charging cable, heli, glove, and spare parts included.  For indoor or outdoor use. A flight time of 8 – 10 minutes. A range of 25 – 50 meters. Recharge time of about 40 minutes.

Or maybe something even a little easier and control. Then take a look at their line of Robotic 3D wooden puzzles such as the.

Robotic Wooden Puzzle-Mammoth

dronesA 3d wooden puzzle that you build into a robotic dinosaur!  This is not your average puzzle – he walks, roars, and turns.  The Dino’s are clap controlled: one clap walk & roar, two claps to turn right, and three claps to turn left.  Incredibly fun to build with detailed instructions for every step of the way.

Be prepared to spend some time on this as they are complex designs that will intrigue and challenge your young engineer.  Precision cut wooden sheets require no glue or tools to assemble.  This product is also environmentally friendly with the wood sourced from a protected forest where we replace two trees for every one utilized.