Iron Man Suit Costume: Do It Yourself Guide

Well, we perfectly know that you desire a Real Iron Man Suit as much as we desired it once. Actually, we know exactly all the things passing through your mind every time you imagine yourself wearing this awesome super hero suit: Grabbing the attention of everyone in the streets or perhaps being the coolest guy in the next Halloween party or even better starting to make some money with it.

iron man

Here’s what you’ll get as a member of our course…

  • Material List (all that you will need for your suit; you can get it at Home Depot or similar)
  • Step-by-Step Instructions Guide (follow this and you will be great)
  • 3D Files (all the files of the suit designed in a 3D Software)
  • Software Viewer (you will get the software necessary to view and print the files) Not available for Mac.
  • Pictures (these will help you to know if you are in the correct path)
  • VIDEO TUTORIALS: (Explaining the most important steps)
  • And we will clear any doubt you have with our Customer Service


We know you are so excited with this… And also we know you would love to build all the Iron Man Armors that you may have seen in every movie or comic.The good news is we are working to provide you with all the tools needed to create all the Iron Man Suits!! And we will be updating the members area every time we have a new costume SO ARE YOU ready to start working on.

Which Iron Man Armors Are Available

So far, we have the following versions waiting for you:

iron maniron maniron man

It is not hard to build the Iron Man suits it is as simple as your homework was in Kinder Garden cutting, folding, pasting.In the first step that will be pretty much what you will need to do. For the rest of the steps if you can follow directions you will have no problems. Would it not be great to go to your next costume party as IRON MAN.

How Do I Know If The Costume Will Suit Me When Finished?

This is a very important question. We all know that the Ironman of the movies had a thin or athletic build; in this way, if you are the proud owner of a big belly I would recommend you to make some abs before you decide to build your Ironman suit. The 3D Ironman files (ready to print) are from someone who is 5.872 tall, 163.14 pounds and waist 30. This is using a scale 26.27; however, if you are close to these numbers you don’t have to change anything.

But if you are NOT close to these numbers or if you are planning to build this for a kid then you just simply need to change the scale of the files. And Guess What? You can find the information to change the scale easily in the members area. And we will also help you to know what is the right scale for you.


This will all depend on how much time you will spend on building it. Some parts will require drying time, maybe a few hours, but if you spend a few hours a day you could finish it in around 2 weeks. If you just work on it during the weekends, of course, it will take you a little longer.