OMINEX the Blockchain Wallet and Compliant Token Solution

More and More people are getting into the Crypto craze. Cryptocurrencies that is they are trading them. Mining them and more and more people are mining than ever before. If you have been trading or mining for a while I am sure you already have Crypto wallets to store them in. But if you don’t have one then you better start looking into one. I suggest going with OMINEX they have all the compliant Crypto wallets and token solutions you will need.

OMINEX is both the best and most forward progressing solution. When it comes to an overall solution for the user and creating a token offering or ICO.

Below are both details on the OMINEX Wallet. As well as details on why you should use OMINEX for all your token offering.

Offering solutions for ICO’s to be offered through compliance across the world. And a complete Crypto Wallets solutions for the end user that being all of us. This is one company to watch. When it comes to Blockchain creations and innovations as we go into the future.

A good way to look at it is Online Monetary INternet Exchange OMINEX for short.

With all the crypto wallets on the market, today Why OMINEX?

Because nothing can compare to OMNIEX crypto wallets. Key points to understand.

  1. crypto wallets It Works Everywhere: Their OMINEX Token Wallet can work on the web, desktops, tablets, and mobile phone. This is great because you will always have excess to it. For whatever you may need it for at the moment.
  2.  Safe Private Keys: We do not store the “private key”. So we do not have any control over the investor’s funds or tokens at any time. This is for your safety the user keeping all your tokens as safe as possible.
  3.  KYC (Or Know Your Customer Protocols): We have built in KYC so that each investor must enter a valid profile to continue and purchase tokens. This eliminates any threat of fraud happening.
  4. Supports All Tokens: We support Bitcoin and all Ethereum ERC20 compatible tokens. This represents over 2000 and counting. We will be adding other currencies as we grow.
  5. Pay In Any Currency: Pay in dollars, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other currency via our built-in exchanges. Transfer money to anywhere at any time, it’s up to you.
  6. Compliant: KYC, investor accreditation, net income/net worth, subscription agreements, and more.

Be sure to go here and get your own OMNIEX crypto wallets set-up.


Why use Ominex for your token offering?

  • Avoid Legal Problems: Ominex takes care of compliance crypto walletsso you don’t have to worry about it, and we serve as a trusted third party record keep for record keeping. This for even more added security for you the user.
  • Increase Revenue: Our platform increases revenue because we make it easy to learn and use, and compliant so investors trust you.

    Save Time: Forget about building everything yourself, use our proven solutions and get everything you need right out of the gate.

Regulation Ready

Raise unlimited funds from accredited investors with SAFTs and offerings with our SEC and FINRA compliant Reg. D 506(c) solutions.  We are taking reservations for our Reg A+ and Reg CF solutions now.  Investors are subject to their own country regulations, so we are building the “Open Compliance Project” to support international regulations, and will also be adding them regularly.

Easy Investing Process

Forget having to follow an 8-page tutorial just to buy cryptocurrencies. We make the purchasing of tokens for investors as easy as possible. offer a compliance built-in easy to understand app. We make learning and using as quick and easy as we could for all the users. You can easily add it to any website with just a widget.


Ominex supports BitCoin, Ethereum, all ERC20 compatible tokens used in ICOS, and will be adding support for more platforms as we grow. Use Ominex for new or existing tokens and make things easier for your token-holders, click here to list your token.

Currencies and Apps

Ominex is more than an easy-to-use, compliant wallet, it’s a consumer interface for decentralized apps. In addition to purchasing and managing various cryptocurrencies; we plan on offering access to vetted blockchain based services like loans, banking, insurance, and more.

crypto walletsOminex has what you need for a compliant token offering.

Go to OMINEX now and get registered as a User and see how this incredible platform is leading the way for ICO Compliant Solutions and End User Wallets for our future in Crypto.

The backing of this Company comes from years of Compliance in the IPO space and with crowdfunding.  These are experts taking on the new frontier of what the blockchain has to offer us all.  Be sure to keep a keen eye on this powerful solution.