FireFan Sports Games Where You Interact

sports games appsWelcome to the next generation of Mobile sports games apps. The most Interactive Sports App of its kind for your Mobile/Smartphone. Where you play during the live game for real rewards. This App is called FireFan and once you play you will be a fan.

During the game have you ever said?

I know that wouldn’t work!

He is gonna get sacked!

Watch they are gonna score!

Then this is the App for you. FireFan lets you play along live with your favorite sports team on game day! Enroll and play for free Here. Earn while you play for REAL rewards such as Tokens, Giftcards, travel, and more. Show off your knowledge and instincts to your family and friends. Let them know what kind of fan you are.

sports games apps

With FireFan Mobile Sports Games Apps you:

  • Choose your sport (NFL, NCAA, MLB, NBA)
  • Pick a Team
  • Join a game
  • Play on your own or join a League with friends
  • Make your pregame picks

FireFan generates smart predictable questions for you to answer pre-game or during the live game. You Rank up by correctly answering the questions. Earn tickets for each game you join and by ranking up, and use your tickets for REAL rewards.The better your calls, the more accurate your predictions, the faster you’ll move up in the standings. The more you play, the more rewards you will earn! And even more remarkable…you get a chance to compete against your favorite sports heroes, celebs, your college buds, friends, and family, or die-hard fanatics just like you. You can play for free, or join our League.

FireFan is a game changer! It’s way more than an app. Its real-time play that puts your head in the game…literally. You predict the scores. Then call the plays. You decide the action. The penalties. And more… ALL IN REAL TIME. WHILE YOU ARE WATCHING THE GAME!

Don’t miss out. See why FireFan is getting every sports fan across America all fired up.

Download the app today and enter your player rewards code: (PbSt1). Don’t just watch. Be a part of the action! FireFan. Ignite your passion!!!!


sports games apps

In my opinion, this is the best mobile sports app of its kind. It really takes watching your favorite sports team play to a whole new level. I enjoy the feeling of ranking higher than my friends and rubbing it in.


sports games apps


Interact and be Rewarded the way true Fanatics should be… and enjoy the Game like never before.

If you like Sports, and if you are a FAN – you need to try FireFan for Free Here!