Tiny House Build Your Own on a Budget

Every year we see a big increase in our population here in the United States. In 1978 our population was 222.6 million people whereas in 2015 we were at 320.9 million people. With this increase in population and Family size, this can only mean one thing. That our housing must also increase not only in size but in cost as well. The average house size in 1978 was 1,780 square feet and had an average cost of 62,500 dollars. In 2015 average house size grew to 2,687 square feet with an average cost of 360,000 dollars. So this means in 37 years the average cost of a house grew about 300,000 dollars. A rise in cost that high has started a movement. A Tiny House Movement lets say!

Tiny Homes are becoming most popular with the millennials who wish to live the “debt free” lifestyle. One that frees them from the burden of high priced mortgage payments. Tiny living also brings about some advantages with it. 


This, of course, is only true if you save up and build it outright. But you will find you will almost have to as it is extremely hard to finance such a small structure.

Flexibility and mobility:

Stiny houseome Tiny Homes can and are built on wheels. This gives you an option of just being able to pack up your whole house and move it where ever you want. This is a good option if your work takes you to different states all the time. No more making sure you packed all the conveniences of home, you just pack up the entire home.

Low Utility Cost:

Because of the sheer small size of your Tiny Home, it does not take much to either heat or cool it. With its small size, how much electricity can it really use? Better yet if you are able to you can move it to a state with a more comfortable temperature during each season of the year. So its time to introduce you too…

“How To Build Your OwnTiny House On a Budget”

Ittiny house‘s your complete “step-by-step” guide for taking your Tiny House dreams from start to finish as quickly as possible. No nonsense is the name of the game here…It’s smart, efficient, and will save you from wanting to bang your head against a wall in total frustration!

Here is what you will find inside:

  • Planning To Build A Tiny House – this is great as it will show you how to plan things out right properly from the very start.
  • Drawing Up A Building Plan – which will be awesome for you as we take you through the different types of building plans, the good places to find the right plans online, floor plans, exterior plans, cross sections and more.
  • Residential Lots, Farmland Property, or Woods/State Owned Land – We dive into your different options for setting up residence for your tiny house. This will open up your eyes which you’ll really appreciate as this is often a very confusing area when it comes to setting up your tiny house.
  • Tackling The Local Authorities Smartly – Always an area of chaos and frustration, you’ll be set on the right track from the get-go, which you’ll love because you won’t make any of the most common mistakes.

Plus you will also find how to:

  • Financing A Tiny House – Of course just like any type of major investment you have some options in this area. We take you through the different options which help you to decide what the perfect plan is going to be for you.
  • Finding Quality Builders For Your Tiny House Project – Not really the DIY type? Hey, that’s ok, not everybody is. We’ve included a TON of resources for you that is going to get you going on the right foot in this area. Not only will you find the “little known” quality sources, but you’ll also learn what to avoid too!
  • How Much To Budget For A Tiny House – Naturally, when it comes to a Tiny House there are differences when compared to the traditional fashion of obtaining a property and building on it. Different types of projects such as DIY, the outright purchase of one already built. The style of house, materials used etc, all play an important part when it comes to budgeting. We give you the low-down for doing this properly.
  • How To Build My Tiny House Myself – If you are planning on doing everything yourself then there is a series of phases that you need to implement so that you’ll be as effective as possible. We discuss the skillset required, woodworking, plumbing, the proper tools etc. Pay close attention to this chapter if you are a DIYourselfer!
  • Portable Of Fixed Tiny House – Which Is Better? – Different strokes for different folks right? Of course, this is going to depend on your wants and needs for your Tiny House dream. We show you the Pro’s and Con’s of each… so you can be sure you are making the right decision.

All that’s just really the tip of the Iceberg with what you find in “How to Build your own Tiny house on a Budget”.

Many other keys to living tiny are also covered in this book. From storage, safety, and how to get utilities. This is a complete guide that covers from planning a tiny house to living in one. So if you think you’re ready for the freedom and challenge of living tiny then…



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