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When I was a kid and starting around Junior High your image was everything. That translated mostly to the clothes you wore and the shoes on your feet. If they didn’t have a certain label or insignia look out you were in for a rough few years. Walking down the hall you would hear the calls of nice “Bo-Bo’s” day in and day out. One of the must-have footwear & apparel brands, when I was in school, was Pumas.

Efootwear & apparelvery year as the first day of school would be fast approaching I would plead with my mom to get me a pair of Pumas. Of course, this was always to no avail as every year I would here they cost too much for you to just ruin. And I would always answer as any kid would “no I won’t”. But of course like any other kid I would of. All it would take is a buddy to come up to you after school and say “There is a dead turtle down at Scotts Landing lets go take a look”. Scotts Landing was the marsh where I grew up.

You would never say “Hey I got to go change my shoes” you just went. And low and behold there went those pair of shoes. The ones you promised you wouldn’t ruin but would. That’s why mom always got you the “Bo-Bo’s”. They always say mom knows best and through the years I have learned that to be true.

My first pair of Pumas.

As I said how I used to plead with my mom for a pair of Pumas every year. She had learned the secret to stopping me from begging. She would say if you want a pair of Pumas then you go buy them yourself.

But that did stop my begging for a pair of Pumas it did not stop my desire to have them. As High School was approaching and there more than ever image was a must. So that summer before High School I hustled and earned every dime I could because I knew that I needed to have a pair. I did earn enough not only for the shoes but some other things as well.

I was so proud when we went to the store for the back to school shopping and I was able to pay for my own footwear & apparel from Puma. Nobody was going to be yelling nice “Bo-Bo’s” to me that year.

4 months into High School the first let’s go to Scotts Landing came up (this time it wasn’t for a dead turtle and that’s all I will say about that). In my mind, I told myself I don’t need to change my shoes I will be careful. So we just went and within 10 minutes and one wrong step there went my new Pumas. The words I want to use to describe how mad I was I better not use here.

I did end up getting another pair but this time as I learned my lesson. The first stop after school was back to my house to change my shoes. It’s funny how much more respect you have for things when you have to pay for them yourself.


Footwear & Apparel by Puma

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Pumas has been a trusted name in footwear since 1948 when Rudolf Dassler founds the PUMA Schuhfabrik Rudolf Dassler. The company is officially registered on October 1, 1948.

In the same year, PUMA’s first football boot, the “ATOM”, is launched. Several members of the West Germany national team wear PUMA boots in the first post-war football match against Switzerland in 1950, including Herbert Burdenski, who scores West Germany’s first post-war and winning goal.

Since then they have prided themselves on the comfort, functionality, and fit of all there athletic, men, woman, and kids footwear.


But they did not just stop at footwear. They also have a full line of sports apparel for men, woman, and kids. I won’t bore you with listing all the athletic wear they offer.


footwear & apparelfootwear & apparelfootwear & apparel