Natural Body Care Products: All Artisan Made.

These days you might have seen a word that’s been finding it place everywhere you look. You might have seen It all over the supermarkets, such as packaged goods, snacks, and frozen foods as these products are growing in popularity. This word is “Artisan” which means it has been handmade. Or I look at it as something Artisan has one important ingredient the others don’t have “Love”. Items that have not gone down a conveyer belt while robotic arms sprayed, shot, or dropped ingredients on to it. As Artisan continues to grow in popularity more and more items are now being made in the Artisan way. And its right here you will find Artisanal all-natural body care products.

Natural Body Care Products:

natural body careSoapcreek by freshwater made it their mission to only use the finest ingredients in their products. They are not about using any synthetic fragrances, dyes, or other harsh chemicals. Hence assuring a more natural approach to making their body care products.


They are dedicated to bringing you old-fashioned quality and craftsmanship. They do this by hand mixing and pouring all of their beauty products. Hand mixing allows the overseeing of the entire mixing process. Allowing them to make sure the right ingredients are added at the proper times. And that all ingredients are thoroughly mixed together.


Ingredients are chosen based on Quality. Unlike others that tend to cut corners by using less expensive ingredients. We started ours with the idea in mind we would make the very best. From the base oils to the essential oils. We order in samples and test them in small batches to see how the effect the finished product. Because of the hand pouring this allows them to be more artistic with the products.

Replenish and Moisturize: 

Onatural body carene of the modern day soap making processes is to remove the glycerin from the oils before the soap making occurs. This glycerin is then used in other applications from the food industry to beauty products. We at Soapcreek we leave this naturally occurring glycerin in all our food grade oils. And it is then retained in the finished product. Making what we believe to be a superior product. We always carefully calculate the amount of each of the olive, coconut, and rice-bran oils used in the soap. To ensure you a moisture-rich lather that leaves a lotion-like nourishment when finished bathing.


Aromatherapy has been around and used for years. To help us relax and remove stress. Because of our goal of creating the best. It has led us to find out that by splurging on the most expensive ingredients the (essential oils) set us apart from the rest.

All Natural Body Care Products:

  • Artisan Soaps: We have a wide array of all natural Artisanal soaps. Such as Blondwood Artisan soap, Jamaican Cream Artisan soap, and Rainwood Artisan soap just to name a few.
  • Body Buttercream: They come in Bourbon Vanilla, Floral Bouquet, Island citrus, Lavander Honey, and Rainwood.
  • Cane Sugar Whip: They come in Bourbon Vanilla, Floral Bouquet, Island citrus, Lavander Honey, and Rainwood.
  • Hand and Body Emulsions: They come in Bourbon Vanilla, Floral Bouquet, Island citrus, Lavander Honey, and Rainwood.
  • Heel ButterDesigned to soften and smooth those dry cracked heels and feet. The heel butter comes in Lavender eucalyptus.
  • Lip Mend: Perfect to heal and soften those dry cracked lips we all get from time to time. They come in Bergamont blush, Cinnamint, Ginger Lime, Lavender Lush, Lemon Creme, Mint Mojito, Moist Mint, and Orange Dream.
  • Spa Minerals: natural body careWhats better than soaking in a hot bath loaded with great for your body spa minerals. These Luxury Aromatherapy spa minerals come in Bourbon Vanilla, Floral Bouquet, Island citrus, Lavander Honey, and Rainwood.


natural body careAnd if your a business owner and would like to offer your customers a great Artisan all-natural body care products. They carry some beautiful displays you can set up in your store. They have small, medium and large displays for you to chose from. We also carry a stand on it own lip mend display. You might just find that you will want your store to carry more Artisan products. As more and more people start looking for these types of products