Power Systems-Solar and Wind

ELECTRICITY !!! This is something we tend to take for granted. when we get home and flick on the light switch, we expect the lights to come on. Same goes for the television and Phone (if you happen to have a cordless). But what happens when they don’t? Most of us get a little aggravated by this. Our whole existence depends on Electricity Power Systems. And we can lose Power from a number of reasons. Natural disasters (Floods, Hurricanes, Tornados, and blizzards) you get the point. Even if you’re not in the immediate areas of any these you still could lose power. All of these can knock out power for hundreds of miles around.

Then there are the aging Power grids that are in desperate need of repair or replacing. Now there is a newer and scarier threat to our power grids “Cyber Attacks”. So it is time to start thinking of Alternative power sources for our homes, that doesn’t relay 100% on the power grid. There are generators, but some require having to keep them fueled up. And they are not the cleanest burning Power sources out there. So what is left? Solar and Wind power, an unlimited clean Power source. And that doesn’t rely on the Power grid.

Power Systems-Solar and wind

power systemsProfessional Step-By-Step instructions on how to build your own Solar and Wind Power Systems. And you could cut your energy bill by up to 80%. Or better yet you could make more power then you use, which can be sold back to the Power company. Imagine how you would feel coming home and not finding a bill in the mail from the Power Company, but a CHECK! And you don’t need to invest $1,000’s in costly solar panels or windmills, to transform your home into an energy producing “green home”!

In Fact-You could do this for as little as $200

That’s right, forget about spending $3,000 or more for factory-made windmills and solar panels because if you can follow simple step-by-step instructions and invest just $200 then you can transform your energy-using home into an energy producing “green home”! You don’t need a degree in engineering, specialized and expensive equipment, or even a big initial investment, just the determination to STOP being held hostage by the Power Companies, a small but manageable investment, and the Energy 2 Green systems manual!

Power systems


How Solar Panel Works?

The Sun produces a range of energy which we can only see a small part of them as visible white light. Solar panels turn another part, or wavelength, of the light into electricity that can be harnessed. A photovoltaic cell (PV Cell) produces electricity on the principle that electricity will be produced when two semiconductors are exposed to a particular wavelength of light. Groups of PV Cells are linked together to form panels, the bigger the panel and the more cells, the greater the amount of electricity can be produced.

Building your own Solar power Systems.

Inside the “Energy 2 Green” manual you will get the step-by-step instructions that you can use tPower systemso build your own Solar Power System. For as little as $200

  • All the parts can be found at your local Hardware Store
  • The Electricity you can generate from this Solar Power System can power up any appliance you have in your home. Including your computer, television, lights, washing machine-you name it.
  • You don’t need any special skills to build something like this

You will find out how Solar Panels work so you will know everything you need to know. We show you what to do along each and every step of the project. And it’s probably the best investment you can do today. You will save thousands of dollars a year with the Solar Power Generator, for the rest of your life.

How Wind Turbine Works?

Many people have seen wind turbines at some point or another in their life, but does the average person know how wind turbines work? We hope to answer that question so you will understand what makes wind power such a great alternative energy. The concept behind the wind turbine technology is not that difficult to understand. The wind blows, which turns the turbine blades. These blades are connected to a shaft that turns with the blades and attaches to a generator which creates electricity and sends it to a sub-station.

Building your own Windpower Systems.

Inside the “Energy 2 Green” manual you will receive the instruction to build your own Wind Power System. Some customers paid less than $100 dollars

Power Systems

for a system.

  • Using these plans you can build any type of wind generator you want-And the plans are so easy to follow even a Kid can do it.
  • This easy to make windmill not only works great and looks great, it is also highly professional.

Just Image building these in your spare time and selling them! This could be a very profitable venture!

And Don’t Forget You Will Also Be Fighting Global Warming In A Very Real And Meaningful Way!